Available for download the 2nd edition of the EVO IOOC Guide Buyers Edition, signed by Antonio G. Lauro.

Download here the PDF edition of the guide:

Winners of 3rd edition of EVO IOOC

All winners: http://www.vinar.com.ar/DIOOC/awards_2018.php

Special Award: http://www.vinar.com.ar/DIOOC/special_2018.php

Gold Medals: http://www.vinar.com.ar/DIOOC/gold_2018.php 

Silver Medals: http://www.vinar.com.ar/DIOOC/silver_2018.php 

Flavored EVO: http://www.vinar.com.ar/DIOOC/flavored_2018.php 


We want to remind you that the rights* to print the stamp (sticker) in high quality (printable) showing the medal (Gold or Silver) is on sale on our website at the price of € 150.00 (1 medal: Gold Medal or Silver Medal) and € 250.00 (2 medals: Gold Medal + Medal Silver).


*To use the stamps, these rules must be respected: winners will be permitted to buy the rights to print the stamp showing the category of the award won to be printed and affixed to the labels of the winning product in order to promote the sales for the extra virgin olive oils of the contest. The winners are authorized to affix the reproduction of the stamp only on bottles containing the same extra virgin olive oil (see production batch) and with the same package of the winning champion. Any other use of the stamp is not allowed.
To order the stamps rights, please send an email request to info@evo-iooc.com