The purpose of the Capaccio Paestum based EVO IOOC - EVO International Olive Oil Contest, International Olive Oil Competition Capaccio Paestum held in May, is to promote and enhance the high quality of the extra virgin olive oil  industry.



The EVO IOOC competition opens the door to the "special" category of flavored extra virgin olive oils.

Flavoured extra virgin olive oil? Why not! 

And so, after the Los Angeles, Jerusalem, Mendoza and Tokyo contests, the special classification for EVOOs obtained working together olives, fruit, vegetables or aromatic herbs is now listed among the EVO IOOC competition categories.

These extra virgin olive oil, which is accompanied by the phrase "condiment based on...", deserve to see their high quality recognized even in the olive oil contests, to ensure that the promotion of the multiple uses of extra virgin olive oil - thanks to this different product category - is even more intimately linked to the kitchen and daily use of this precious food.

Therefore, EVO IOOC will be a competition for the enhancement - at 360 degrees - of extra virgin olive oil: from the purity of the monovarietal, up to the most common seasonings; becoming a useful tool both for the consumer and for producers.

What will then change now at the EVO IOOC?

Basically nothing, indeed there will be a certain general enrichment of the competition, thanks to the creation of the special section of the competition reserved exclusively for "Condiments made with extra virgin olive oil - Flavoured Olive Oil".

The competition will thus be embellished with new hints and new taste experiences that, even if at first glance could make the purists of extra virgin olive oil "horrify", it should be remembered that these products are increasingly appreciated by the markets and that have finally conquered the tastes and the preferences of world consumers who, not always, have access to all the raw materials (eg basil or lemon) present in these condiments.



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 The Contest, organized by Antonio G. Lauro and VINAR SA Argentina, with the collaboration of Associazione Oleum, Voglia di Viaggiare Eventi, with the patronage of the City Counsil of Capaccio Paestum, aims to promote the connection between extra virgin olive oil and a healthy diet and good nutritional habits as well as providing information on its health advantages for consumers.